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What is Orthodontics

Is orthodontic treatment expensive?

Teeth that cannot be brushed due to perplexity may rot or be lost due to gum disease and gingival recession. Orthodontic treatment at the right time prevents dental loss in older ages and is much cheaper than compensating for lost teeth

Is orthodontic treatment painful?

With the development of wire alloys used in orthodontic treatment, the sensitivity seen in the teeth decreased. At the beginning of treatment, tingling caused by biting due to tooth movement can be relieved with simple painkillers.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics; is the specialty of dentistry which diagnoses and controls the harmony relations of non-compliant and perplexed teeth, tries to prevent this and treats them.

Why do orthodontic problems occur and how are they treated?

Disorders of the jaws (such as the lower jaw front or back) are usually hereditary. Sometimes the individual gets the size of the jaw from one parent and the size of the tooth from the other. If the jaw is large and the tooth is small, the teeth are spaced. If the tongue is larger than the nomal and the tooth cavities are pulled in the mouth, the teeth are spaced. If the jaw bone is small and the teeth are large, the teeth cannot fit in the jaw and perplexity occurs. In the presence of skeletal problems, the treatment method is decided according to the age of the patient. If the patient is in puberty and his lower jaw or upper jaw is behind, he can be treated with orthodontic methods. If the patient is an adult, severe skeletal disorders are treated with orthodontic-surgical cooperation. Jaw mismatches may also occur due to dysfunctions (such as mouth breathing). In a patient breathing mouth, the upper jaw is usually in the form of V because it remains narrow. It may cause orthodontic disorders in habits such as pacifier or bottle feeding, finger sucking, nail eating, etc. for a long time. Habits should be treated as early as possible (7-10 years). As they are noticed at an early age, the skeletal disorder which will be adversely affected by a simple apparatus is prevented. Another reason for ragged teeth is early or late loss of primary teeth. Each milk tooth has a fall time. For example, if a milk tooth that should fall at the age of 10 falls at the age of 8, the permanent teeth in the mouth will slide into this cavity and the tooth that needs to come out cannot find a place for itself. In this case, this tooth develops in or out of the dental arch, or in some cases remains embedded.

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