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What is embedded tooth

How to pull embedded teeth?

After opening the gingival tissue on the impacted tooth, the bone and the connective tissues on the tooth are removed. Then the tooth is pulled out and the opened gingiva is sewn.

After this operation, the patient may need to take some medications (antibiotics, painkillers, etc.) to be recommended by the dentist. Stitches are usually taken after the 5th day.

Why don’t the third molars drive smoothly?

Although the jaw bones have started to shrink gradually in the evolving human beings, the number of molars has not been fully decreased. As a result, there is usually no room for the third molars in the mouth of today’s man. As is known, the third molars can last between 15 and 25 years.

What kind of problems can the embedded third molars cause?

Cysts and tumors may form around the embedded third molars. On the other hand, the partially molar third molars are also a serious source of infection. This type of teeth can cause pain and gum problems and abscesses. However, not all third molars may cause these problems.

Can’t I just use antibiotics?

Antibiotics can only provide relief for a short time. Since unconscious and wide variety of antibiotic use is common in our society, antibiotics taken may not always affect the microorganisms causing the complaints. Moreover, even if they are effective, they cannot eliminate the real problem. In other words, the tooth causing the problem is still in the mouth, although antibiotics are taken.

What is Implant Tooth?

The teeth that can not take place in the mouth due to various reasons even when it is time to apply are called göm embedded teeth “. The third molars (also known as wisdom teeth) are among the most common embedded teeth. If there is no space in the mouth for the third molars to be removed and the person has reached 25 years of age, they are still considered “buried.”

Sometimes these teeth are partially erupted, but never reach full height. If your third molars have not yet gone, you can visit your dentist to obtain information about the condition and remove the active tooth before some problems such as pain, swelling, infection, caries and gum disease can occur. When is shooting required?It is wrong to expect the third molars to cause problems for extraction. Do not forget that the third molar shots in the early period will prevent many problems that may arise in the future, provided that your dentist recommends it. For example, embedded third molars can damage the second molars. Improvements in shots taken before the age of 16 are extremely rapid. It is possible to remove the third molars after the permanent second molars continue. This occurs around the age of 11-12. Your dentist will give you the necessary x-rays during this period and determine if there will be enough room for the third molars to be removed. What should I do if I don’t have a complaint?People suffering from pain, swelling and infection should have their third molars removed as soon as possible. However, if there are no complaints, it will be useful to remove these teeth in order to prevent future problems or to eliminate the risk of possible rambling. In addition, with the early removal of the buried third molars who do not cause complaints; some risks such as jaw pain, tissue mismatch of removable prostheses, gingival diseases and tumor development will be eliminated.

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