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WHY CHANNEL TREATMENT? If the live tissue or pulp in the root canals of the tooth, otherwise the nerves are inflamed, or if they cannot maintain their vitality, canal treatment is required. Because this tissue does not have the ability to repair and repair itself like other tissues in the body. Deep bruises, tooth filling, tooth cutting operations such as; Fractures and cracks in the teeth can cause inflammation of the pulp. In addition, trauma to the tooth may cause inflammation and damage to the pulp, even if there are no cracks or bruises on the tooth. If the inflamed pulp is not treated, it causes pain and abscess. HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT YOU NEED CHANNEL TREATMENT? * Long-term precision against hot and cold * Chewing pain or comfortable chewing * Self-starting pain, especially at night * Swelling of the tooth, swelling, pain in the lymph nodes near the tooth WHO DOES CHANNEL TREATMENT? All dentists learn the basic principles and application of canal treatment. However, general dentists usually refer their patients to the Endodontist who is an expert in the canal treatment. How does the canal treatment save the female? The dentist removes the inflamed or damaged pulp (vessel-nerve pack) in the root canal of the tooth, After carefully cleaning and shaping the root canals, it fills the root canal. Filling or porcelain coating is applied to your teeth after the canal treatment. After all these procedures, your teeth will continue to function like other teeth.

WHEN IS CHANNEL TREATMENT PAID? Thanks to modern anesthesia techniques and agents, the pain during treatment is minimized. A few days after the treatment, there may be tenderness or pain in the teeth. After the onset of canal treatment, acute flare-up inflammation caused by the so-called flare-up infection can be seen. CAN ALLIED CANAL TREATMENT? With root canal treatment, some teeth may not be saved. Failure to access the canals, fractures in the roots, lack of adequate bone support, or destruction of the tooth can not be restored are the main reasons. KANAL TREATMENT KILLS KILLS? The thought of adır canal treatment kills the tooth dişi does not reflect the reality. With live canal treatment, the tooth becomes numb against heat and cold, but it continues to work with veins or nerves from the jawbone and surrounding tissues and remains in the bone. After the treatment with a suitable filling or restoration with the help of a very comfortable chewing or teeth can be used as a prosthetic foot. Canal treatment is the treatment option where the dentist is most fatigued, but he is willing to accept a modest economic return in the face of this fatigue. The dream of each dentist is to complete the canal treatment in less time but effectively and safely. Nickel titanium rotary files are specially designed for the treatment of difficult, high calcified or curved root canals. The taper provides successful cleaning and shaping, consistent with the progressive, patented and flexibility and efficiency of the flute design.

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